Prince George’s County Drug Policy Coalition, Inc. 

National African American Drug Policy Coalition Charters New Chapter

The Prince George’s County Drug Policy Coalition, Inc.
represents one of seven local affiliates of the National African American Drug Policy Coalition, Inc. Our national organization consists of a coalition of 25 preeminent organizations, including the Howard University School of Law, National Association of Black Social Workers, and the National Medical Association. 

Through the support of our national organization, interested organizational partners, and grassroots members like you, we hope to prevent and reduce illegal drug abuse and related crimes in Prince George’s County. 

PGCDPC  Mission

Our mission is “to promote drug policies and laws that embrace the public health nature of drug abuse and provide a more effective and humane approach to address the chronic societal problem of drug abuse.”


Undertaking the work of this coalition will make a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of youth in Prince George’s County. We invite you to contact us to discuss how you can get involved in the work of our coalition. We need your help now!

Our principal goals include: 

• researching model programs for the treatment of substance abuse

• engaging the faith-based community in projects working with ex-offenders in obtaining housing, job training, counseling and other community services as needed

• informing the Maryland General Assembly and other policymakers on the impact of certain drug laws and policies on the minority community residing in Prince George’s County

• creating a cadre of speakers who can travel to area schools and emphasize the importance of students completing their education

• serving as an advisory committee to area courts in the community to enhance pretrial diversion and therapeutic sentencing rather than imprisonment.. 

PGCDPC Officers

Dr. Valencia Campbell
President, Linda Thornton Thomas—Vice President, Ronald E. Blakely—Treasurer, and Cheryle A. Mines—Secretary and Fundraiser.

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